Anthony Pella

I am a Junior Computer Engineering major at the University of California at Santa Barbara. I have been designing and developing games for five years, and have two years of teaching experience. I am currently a Teaching Assistant for ECE 194: Advanced Game Design.

I am interested in Machine Learning and leveraging NeRFs for 3D object synthesis.

Gameplay Portfolio

Here are some gameplay snippets from games I’ve built in Unity with my design partner Jason Dunne

Short gameplay clip from my magical FPS game prototype Balder-Blast! June 2021


Screenshots from our work-in-progress Puzzle Action game being developed and published by UCSB

Breakout Dash

Coming soon to the App Store

Bomb Blox

Coming soon to the Google Play Store

Mage Blast

Short clip from a combat system prototype, March 2020


Made in 24 hours at a Hackathon, July 2018

Twister Dash 

One of the first mobile games I made, June – July 2017

Here's my Youtube if you would like to see some longer form videos.